13 October, 2012

Oh, wow. It's been a while. (oops!)

Let me start off by saying I did not get arrested. Was a very interesting day, though. Made a couple of new friends and actively participated in both civil disobedience as well as the intricate political process of getting a candidate to the ballot. All in all, it was a good day.

And... for the very first time in my entire life I have political signs in my front yard! How weird is that?!? (Go Gary Johnson 2012!! Live Free!)


SPORE is almost done. I am about to finish up chapter 24, every major character is in a very bad, very terrifying place (all different bad, terrifying places to boot, even tho they're currently split into pairs) and it's only going to get worse as they're pulled further apart and plunged deeper into the story's climax. Yay!! Still have to do the chapter graphics for chapter 23, but I'm really digging the book. Double yay! ;)

Overall, things here are pretty darn good other than I'm usually exhausted after taking care of my granddaughter all day and writing all night. After SPORE's out the door I'll - hopefully - have time to sew since I've barely turned on my machine in about 6 months. I have two baby quilts to finish (and start!! Have fabric for one but not the other! Aaak!) by Christmas, plus various presenty things to make.

After SPORE. I can sew after SPORE. Right?

Anyway, I'm good. I hope you're all good.

Anyone have interesting news to report?