25 April, 2011

Updates and such

After all of these years/months of struggling to wrap my brain around all the things that need to happen in Stain of Corruption, I think I may have actually figured out the book! Been making good progress the past few days and I'm not angsty of gnashy or anything. I do, however, stay up till 4am or so writing. ;)

Btw, pretty much everyone is still totally screwed, which is awesome!  Well, at least for me. ;)

M has received two declinations so far and both have been very encouraging. Loved the book, couldn't put it down, but must decline due to this one (minor, easy to fix) issue. And, of course, the issues do not match. That's all perfectly normal and fine. I think that the real issue, if there is one, is that print markets are shrinking due to both the increase in ebooks and the tightening of the American economy, and that the rejections of M are, in a large part, due to that financial reality. I totally understand, and it's okay. The book will find a home, sooner or later, and, if not, I'll just write something else.

It is nice to get such gushing rejections though. lol

I don't think I've mentioned our Looming Big Life Change here on the blog, but due to posty office restructuring, we'll likely have to move sometime this summer or fall. We don't want to - we both love it up here in the corn-fed wilds of Northern Iowa, so Bill and I have been struggling to decide what we're going to do and how we're going to do it. We've agreed upon a plan and have set it into motion, including the partial gutting of our bathroom as we totally update and move stuff around to better suit the space. So, here at Casa Del Jones, we're in remodeling mode.

We love remodeling mode! Been to Menards four times in the last three days and it's pretty awesome. As our new shower will be! Woot!

Once the new shower's in and functioning, Bill will rip out the existing shower and put in a jet-tub (you can kinda see part of it on the left edge of the picture). Today we looked at tile for the 'top' of the tub surround thing and found some really nice granite tiles that just about perfectly match our vanity. This is all so exciting! :)