Fire.pdf (A Lars short story, and it's a FREE! Google Docs download)

Endorphins.pdf (free Google Docs download)

Sid.pdf (free Google Docs download)

If anyone wants to pay for these titles, they're 99 cents each through various online retailers (Barnes & Noble, the iBook Store, Amazon, Sony, and at

ALL of my income from the sales of these ebooks are donated to charity. That's right, 100%. Every dang penny. Honest. 2010/2011 royalties went to a battered women's shelter, a literacy group in Georgia, Johns Hopkins' pediatric burn unit, and a food bank. All of 2012's royalties go to Project Night Night. I'm delighted to use a different charity for 2013, so let me know if you have suggestions. I'm also delighted to let each and every one of you read the ebooks for free, okay? So don't feel guilty about it, just click on the free .pdf linky. ;)