26 November, 2011

Moar Nuttiness

Peanut again, on her spider plant.

She sits there every night when I'm cooking supper or cleaning. The spider plant doesn't seem to mind. ;)

21 November, 2011

Nutty, nutty

This is Peanut.

Peanut and her sister, Echo, joined our household this past August and while Echo's name was chosen for her (she chirps instead of meows and it sounds a lot like a dolphin's echolocation, so... Echo) Peanut chose her own name. We had something else picked out for her but we all kept calling her Peanut, or Nutty.

Which she is.

She's super gentle, sweet, and prone to random acts of purring, but she also gets herself into crazy troubles.

This morning The Nut woke us up by being upside down in the corner of our bedroom closet so she could un-attach the corner of the carpet just barely reachable behind a set of shelves.

We've had to remove Miss Nutty from being stuck - again upside down - from a packing tube, the broom closet, and the coat tree. She consistently leaps in, gleeful and oblivious, looking for the fun and novelty of almost anything. She likes to ride on shoulders. She helps me type. Monster Under The Blanket is her favorite game. If something gets knocked over (especially things like button jars), we can pretty much guarantee she did it. Her favorite perch is the middle of my big spider plant, which has been flattened for weeks now but otherwise suffering no ill efects. And, as you can see in the pic above, taking the regular path (even out of a paper bag) just isn't her thing. She just has to do it her own Nutty way.

I still miss our Princess Malaysia quite a lot, but The Nut has become pretty freaking cool to have around.

08 November, 2011

Plus Pages and Banner Graphics

Now that Google Plus is allowing pseudonyms and business pages, I've set one up for my novels and shorts. If you're a plusser, please check it out! :)

I made a square banner graphic for that page, plus a much larger, longer graphic on facebook. I think they've both turned out well, but if anyone has suggestions to make the artwork better, I'm always open to critique. :)