18 May, 2010

Just a quick (I hope) update

I have not had a particularly good couple of weeks. My eyesight has hit the crapper (due, in part, to my aging, severely-nearsighted eyes being unable to adapt to progressive bifocals), and I'm scheduled to get laser surgery in June which is expected to take care of the problem completely. To help pay for this miracle of modern science, we had to get financing and, while getting our credit numbers ran, we learned that there was an unknown credit card in Bill's name with a very sizable balance. Which came as a shock to say the least, and we're in the process of getting that straightened out.

Our house is getting painted, inside and out, and that's really disrupted our home life. Neither of us are sleeping much, or very well. We - briefly - acquired another cat (more household disruption as the other cats struggled to adjust), but have since found her a new home. Bill's done a LOT of landscaping - disruption to the back yard - but that's mostly done now. And, yesterday, the dogs got loose and Gozer bit two little kids, drawing blood on one (the kid's fine, not even scared or anything, thank God). But now Goz's in dog jail for a while, as per county regulations. Bill has ripped up part of the back yard again to re-build the dog fence. Stewie is frantic and wailing. And the madness never stops, does it?

I'll be glad when things settle back down again.


Krista said...

Oh my goodness! Were the kids teasing him or something?

Tammy Jones said...

We have no idea what happened, we were taking a nap and, when we got up, the painters told us they'd gotten loose and Gozer'd bit a kid. We don't know how they got loose - they were both in their pen when we got up - don't know any particulars of what happened. But everyone's all right, Goz just has to spend some time in doggy jail. He was VERY subdued when we went to see him today.

Maripat said...

Oh man. Hugs, Tammy. Your week sounds a lot worse than mine. Good luck with the laser surgery.

Kat BM said...

have you got him back yet? I hope this week is going better!

Tammy Jones said...

Goz comes home tomorrow (wed) along with a stray pup we've decided to adopt.

Bill says he should never let me set foot in a shelter :p