29 July, 2010


Not words, it's my stupid allergies.

I've had a pretty much constant headache for a week or so, around my eyes - especially on my brow-line - and I'm just full of gunk. Urgh.

Counting the days until frost.


Krista said...

Allergy medicine doesn't help? You sound miserable!

Tammy Jones said...

Not much, Krista. an Ibuprofen, cold pills, mucus pills and sudafed combo will knock it back a bit, but it doesn't go away. I've been on just about every prescription sinus stuff imaginable, and my doc and I haven't yet found anything that really works. Singulair is about the best on removing the clogginess, but the headaches are crippling. I keep a scrip filled for those days when I can't breathe hardly at all, but I'll end up in bed sleeping off the headache, so I wouldn't really call it a 'win' pharmaceutically speaking. lol

It gets really frustrating but, mostly, I just live with it. And gripe occasionally. ;)

Maripat said...

Hugs, Tammy. I can so relate. I'm highly allergic to something out here in CO. You'd think that should've been enough of a sign for me NOT to buy a house here.

Flonase is the only thing that helps me. Take care.

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