01 November, 2010

Excuse me while I blow my nose

Went to the doc last Friday for a regular check up and all is well except for my crappy sinuses. I actually thought I was getting bronchitis, but nope, was just sinus drainage trying to make a home on the south side of my respiratory system. I'm now on horse-pill antibiotics and a nasal spray.

As a life long allergy sufferer, I've tried just about everything. Neti pots (AAAAAAH!!! My face is on FIRE!!), over the counter pills and sprays (oh, yeah, might as well take a tic tac for all the good they do), tons of prescription stuff (so, I can either be congested or have debilitating headaches/nausea/twitches/fatigue. Hmm... What a choice!), and most anything else you can think of. The best 'combo' for me has usually been Sudafed and a mucus pill. At least then I'm not totally miserable. Just kinda miserable. And I really, really hate getting ID'd just to buy the Sudafed. Can't the drivers license people just put a sticker on there that says I have allergies so give me a break?

Anyway, when Nicole (my beloved P.A.) said she was writing a prescription for a nasal spray, I expressed my doubts. None had ever worked before (other than a burning sensation and a bad taste), heck, nothing had ever worked before, so why should this be different?

Well, it IS.

The stuff's called Azelastine HCL and it feels like, well, alka seltzer in my sinuses, itty bitty bubbles that tickle, not burn, and I can BREATHE. Hallelujah, I can BREATHE! Great big deep breaths through my nose! It's AWESOME! I've been sleeping too, and I tell ya, it's amazing. Normally I'm a frequent-waker and I know it's because the goop in my sinuses shifts and momentarily cuts off my air. It's not apnea, it's my sinuses. Well, the past couple of nights I've slept clear through. No tossing, turning, or nightmares. Lots of dreams but no nightmares.

This is incredible stuff. At least for me. And I'm very excited. Here's hoping it keeps working. :)

In other news, I am now involved with three, yes, three writers groups and I think I'm gonna knock it back down to two. The local group just isn't working out for me, I haven't had much encouragement to write more, and have received zero feedback, so I think I'll just focus on the two groups in Des Moines. Not looking forward to the long drives this winter, but the other writers there are a better fit for me, I think.

My sewing machine blew out its bobbin hook assembly last week and I'm struggling with not-sewing while it's in for repairs. I'm an addict, I know, but I can surely hang on a few more days. It's supposed to - hopefully - be finished this weekend. I look at the pile of projects I need to get done before Christmas and, oh boy, there's a LOT.

I'm making steady progress on Secret Project M and it's currently at about 62,000 words. Hoping to get the first draft done yet this year. I'd better get it done this year because my agent is waiting and I must not disappoint him. :)

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Krista said...

I'm so happy your PA found something that works for you. Allergies can be so miserable. Both of my boys suffer from them and it seems like a never-ending battle some days.