07 June, 2013

Adult Ed

It's looking like I'll be teaching a writing adult ed class this fall. I've been pondering the possibilities for a few days, and I think I'm going to go with Write That Novel! (or something close to that, anyway). I'm thinking a 6 week class, meeting a week for two hours a session. There will be handouts and, hopefully, much discussion. :)

I have to clear everything with the coordinator, but this is my current 6-week lesson plan of action! :)

Week 1: Decisions to Make Before You Actually Start to Type

  • Writing Isn't Easy, it's WORK
  • Creating Dedicated Time and Space to Write
  • Nailing down the Concept
  • Choose the Right Genre
  • Choosing a Workable Yet Sellable Length
  • WTF is POV?
  • Tense and Tension
  • Your Unique Voice
  • Daily Word Counts
  • Manuscript Format

Week 2, Part 1: How Much Structure Do You Need?

  • Building the Framework of Structure
  • Winging it vs Pre-Planning
  • Types of Outlines and Methods
  • The Hero's Journey
  • When it's Okay to Go Off Path
  • Where to Put Key Events, Inciting Incident, Etc.
  • Characters, Part One: Protagonist and Antagonist

Week 2, Part 2: The Opening

  • Where Does the Story Start?
  • The Opening Sentence, Paragraph, and Page
  • Characters, Part Two: The Supporting Cast
  • Frontloading Narrative
  • Keeping it TIGHT

Week 3: Getting Past the Hump

  • The Muddle in the Middle
  • Writing And Story Fatigue
  • Life Distractions
  • Getting Lost While Staying On Track
  • How Your Structure Can Help
  • Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard

Week 4: Finish That First Draft!

  • Keep Pushing, Even if it Sucks
  • Ratchet that Tension!
  • What Does A Climax Need?
  • Denouement, or Letting Go
  • Checking Your Story Threads
  • What if You Missed Something?
  • Set it Aside. Yes, I Mean It.

Week 5: Revision

  • The Read Through
  • Taking Notes and Making Them Work For You
  • Writing Groups and Taking Critique
  • Spelling and Grammar Check
  • It's Not a Baby, It's A Book
  • All Things Serve The Story
  • Kill Those Darlings
  • Tighten, Tighten, Tighten

Week 6: The Art of Getting Published

  • What do YOU Want?
  • Traditional, Indi, and Vanity Publication
  • Formatting Your Manuscript
  • Querying Agents
  • How New York Works
  • Submissions
  • Contracts
  • Marketing
  • Getting Paid
  • Start The Next Book!

That's what I'm thinking. There's a LOT to cram into a 6 week class.

Any thoughts?


Val said...

Looks good to me! Maybe you should post your class notes to the blog too, so those of us not in your area can play along!

t burns said...

"WTF is POV?"


I like the course outline. If I was a writer, I would sign up for it for sure.

I also always appreciated course that I took in college that REALLY told how it was in the real working world vs. the course that just told you X, X & Z regarding the subject.

Real world application of knowledge is way better than just the knowledge itself.

Kat BM said...

I'm going to make Jesscera read this post.. She's really into writing right now.