11 February, 2014


There, right now, six different kinds of tea in our cupboard. I know, because I just counted them. Plain teas, flavored teas, six different kinds of teas.

None of them are mine.

In my household, everyone drinks hot tea except me. Oh, we all drink unsweetened iced tea (it's my beverage of choice all summer and when we go out to eat) but I never developed a taste for the hot stuff. Bill and Laura both have their own steeping pots and our granddaughter is delighted to steal take sample sips of whatever blend mommy or pah-pah are drinking, but I only fill up the kettle if I'm making instant cocoa (sugar free, um, yay?) or the occasional instant apple cider (also sugar free).

Does anyone else out there drink iced tea, but not hot tea?

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Shawna Bradley said...

Mmm, no. Not fond of cold tea in the slightest, though everyone else I know is. (And I'm in the PNW, so while I've heard of sweet tea, I've never had it.)

Only six kinds of tea, though? I think I have more like 26 in the drawer I've taken over... and perhaps another 20 in the freezer.