22 August, 2014


Things here are going well - I should have official Not-Dubric book news SOON (it's very exciting!!) - but I've mostly spent these past couple of weeks recuperating from abdominal surgery.

I don't need to go into all of the gory details, but everything's fine. The surgery was planned and scheduled and all tests came back normal. I'm still a little sore at times, I still get tired easily, but the oddest side effect was how I had so much trouble typing. Typos galore! It's been aggravating, as if I had no idea how to use a keyboard. Just today, I'm back to my usual occasional transposed letters instead of utter gibberish. Yay for that!!

Since being plagued with insane typos, I've sewn some and actually finished a project - an appliqued pillow - I'd started a while back. It's super cute. It should go out in the mail Monday. Once it's arrived, I'll share a pic.

My short story ENDORPHINS is in an anthology scheduled to be released sometime in October. Once there's more concrete information available - and ordering options - I'll pass on the essential information. At this point, it's going to be print only. I think.

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connor caple said...

I started to suffer with chronic osteo-arthritis about a year ago (the nodules on the fingers, joint pain, etc.) so I tried dictation software.

For me, it's marvellous. The latest version (Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium) doesn't even need to be trained to get almost 100% accuracy, Tampots :)

It will also play back what I said if I highlight a section of text that looks wrong so I can train it/alter the text. Teaching it the names of fantasy characters is the only slow-down I experience, but that only needs to be done once each - similarly with strange Renaissance terms/weapons/etc.

It suits the way I tell stories as I used to just say them out loud and make them up as I went along 50 years ago in school, then adapted to saying them in my head and trying to write fast enough to keep up. Now I can dictate at 100wpm easily, with my eyes closed and my favourite music playing.

It doesn't suit everyone, but I love it.