10 June, 2010

Worshipping at the Altar of the Princess

Our cat, Malaysia, would like everyone to know that she is a princess.

She also just had five babies. Yesterday. And it was quite traumatic. Much more than it should have been. Because she's a princess. And all things should go smoothly for princesses.

Tonight her special 'I'm a princess with babies on the way' single-serve* canned food is stale. A bit dry and crusty. Just on the top and edges. But still.

She IS a princess.

I tell her, 'But it's our last tub, oh sweet princess. I shall buy you more tomorrow, on grocery day."

My pleas for understanding fall upon deaf ears.

Stale, slightly crusty food will not do for princesses, or their babies.

So guess who's making a trip to the store at 10pm on a Thursday.

The serf. ;)

*The cheap stuff tastes ucky and is not worthy of her princess-ness. Accept no substitute!


Jean said...

I know that all too well. All hail the princess!

Anonymous said...

She's totally gorgeous. I'd fall under the spell of those blue eyes in a heartbeat!

Kat BM said...

I want a kitten! at least if they look like her!!!!! She's gorgeous

Tammy Jones said...

she had three dark tabbies and 2 black ones. None that look like Miss Malaysia Stinky Butt. ;)