21 June, 2011

Dermatological 2

The doc was really nice, if a bit rushed, and I now have new, pricey, super-gentle cleanser and am awaiting arrival of special, super pricey, must order it in because our pharmacy doesn't stock it, antibiotic lotion. Both of which must be used twice a day.

If they won't help, there's one more thing she can try, then it's off to laser surgery for me. So, hopefully this stuff will work.

I must admit, the cleanser makes my face feel 'happy'. I am rather encouraged if humbled by the price of all this stuff.


EJ said...

You're worth it! Yeah for 'happy' face!

(BTW, the word verification is lickstl, which wouldn't be funny if I lived somewhere other than St Louis!)

Tammy Jones said...

Have since tried the MORE THAN SEVENTY FREAKING DOLLARS medicine and it does NOT make my face 'happy'. More like... twitchy. Kinda tingly/burny, yet scratchy. Very weird. However, the redness is severely diminished, so that's good. Even if I want to take a washcloth and scrub it all off. lol