02 June, 2011


Our darling daughter has never expressed an interest in driving. Ever. All of her friends and cousins were chomping at the bit to get their permits and licenses, thinking up a zillion great reasons why they needed the keys to the car. Not Laura, not ever. For one thing, she never had anywhere to go that someone else wasn't going to. For another, she's not much of a social butterfly, more of a homebody (although she does get feeling cooped up and stir crazy from time to time) so when she did go out, it was with friends, or family. Or she just walked. Mostly, though, she just stayed home or asked someone to drive her, which often became a PITA for her mom (me), especially considering Laura's wackydoodle work schedule.

Last week, after her parents pretty much demanded she rectify this situation, she got her permit. Today, since he's home, her dad is taking her driving. I'm sitting her queasy and worried.

They're heading out to dirt roads in the rural cornfield wilderness. Here's hoping they can stay out of the ditches.

Drive safe, Laura!


Monica J King said...

My daughter is fourteen and is already bugging me to take her out in the (new!) car and to get her learning permit!

Her dad has already proffered a car!

I share your feeling of trepidation (exclamation points don't really communicate the emotion, do they?), but know it's only going to get worse, much worse.

EJ said...

At least you only have to do it once!