06 October, 2011

Links! I have links!!

I've created a new page here on TamboWrites called Books and Such. It's over to the right and has anything you need to know about the novels, shorts, and where to buy them. :) Thanks for your patience.


Benjamin Allen said...

Good to see you're still working on Stain! You may recall that I posted a query (sorry) a couple of years back, and you very thoughtfully responded. I felt so bad at making you revisit the topic that I stayed away, but as my wife re-read your books just recently, and triggered me to, I thought I'd see what was happening, writing wise. I see there's a mystery project nearing publication ("M"), and Stain making progress. Good news! And some short stories. More good news.

Tammy Jones said...

Hi Benjamin!!

Stain is, as usual, slow going, and it's fighting me every word of the way, but I squeezed out about 900 words last night - not great, but waaay better than zero ;) - so that's good.

M is a contemporary thriller and I'm using a pseudonym to keep those books separate from the Dubric novels, but I'll post what info I can when it becomes available.

As for the short stories, please download the free pdf's if you're interested. They're on my download page. {{huggs}}