03 May, 2012

An incredible lightness of leftovers

I have this weird thing about frugality. I don't like to waste anything. I don't waste one thread of fabric I don't have to (it's one reason my quilts are all so scrappy). I don't waste money. And I don't waste food.

Nothing aggravates me more than finding something rotting in the fridge that I could have, should have, used up before it went bad. I can't say I've never thrown anything away - I do, on occasion, have to toss a slimy half-tomato or gushy hunk of cucumber - but I make a point to repurpose extra bits of food as much as possible, and make sure leftovers get eaten.

Today's breakfast was leftover fried rice that I'd cooked Tuesday from leftover chicken, leftover miscellaneous veggies, half an onion I needed to use up, some celery that was starting to edge toward limpness, and the last little smidge of soy sauce in the bottle. Other than the brown rice and a handful of frozen veggies to round it out, the whole batch was repurposing leftovers. And it's yummy, and cheap and, since it's homemade, reasonably healthy.

Last night I made burritos from Monday's leftover taco meat, some tortillas and a jar of salsa. I'll probably have some of them for lunch.

Remaking leftovers is awesome. And nothing goes to waste.

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Kat BM said...

I'm the same way Tambo, though I'm not as clever as you about using stuff up.

I've been experimenting with "hiding" greenery in other foods off and on for a couple of years, and one of the things I've realized is they do not last as long as normal. for example, the meatload that has brocoli/peas pureed in it ... after 2/ 3 days in the fridge I can suddenly "taste" the green again and I just can't bring myself to eat it. so I badger Jerry to hurry up and eat it. I'll keep trying though, cause it's the only way greenery is gonna happen in my tummy.