01 May, 2012

It's May!

I have had an incredibly busy - and rather stressful - April, but it looks like life is finally settling into a more stable routine.

I am so, so relieved! I'll even get a 'sew day' once a week. Hey, at least it's pencilled onto my schedule. ;)

Now for writerly news. :)

I just received my quarterly earnings for the ebooks from Smashwords - thank you everyone who bought a copy!! - and I've already sent it to Project Night Night. The royalties came into PayPal this morning, and I sent them right back out tonight. I'm kinda digging the simplicity of it. :)

SPORE's first five chapters are off to pre-readers again - I'd made some pretty substantial mistakes the first time through - and it'll hopefully be a much easier edit this time. Planning to get it off to my agent around the middle of this month.

It's going well. Not great - that would be frightening and worrisome - but well. And for that I'm thankful.


Rhonda Parrish said...

I think it's pretty awesome of you to donate your royalties to charity like that :)

Also, congrats on getting a sewing day each week. I really ought to look at penciling in some quilt-y time myself LOL

~ Rhonda Parrish

Tammy Jones said...

Rhonda, it's been just about *impossible* for me to make time to sew lately. I really need to have my sew day become a priority to help lessen my stress. {{huggs}}