30 April, 2012

Z is for Zaftig

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Grisel Paula. Yep, she's zaftig.
Zaftig is of Jewish origin and means succulent. It's usually used to describe the shape of women who are roundish, softish, and have curves, like the picture to the left.

A woman of such shape and softness is a historically traditional image of beauty, fertility, femininity, adoration, seduction, and worship. Only recently (within the past 50 years) has a different shape become the feminine goal. 

That's not to say zaftig is gone. Oh no. It's still a live and well in hollywood, fashion and music. I sincerely hope it continues.

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Erin M. Hartshorn said...

I have described myself as zaftig since high school, when I first discovered the word. :) Love it. (Of course, now my curves have curves of their own, and I don't find it quite as succulent, but such is life.)