12 April, 2012

K is for Kale

You can find a full list of my A to Z challenge posts here. :)

Last night, my laptop blew its hard drive*. I spent today driving halfway across the state to the Mac Store and back again, and I'm just now getting a chance to post today's entry. So it'll be short and sweet. :)

Bill and I have been trying to improve our diets and part of that includes adding more green, leafy veggies, like kale. I've been putting it in soups and pasta dishes, for example, and we like it okay, but Kale Chips are, by far, everyone's favorite use of this versatile veggie.

Kale Chips are baked, they're crispy, and salty and when I make them they disappear. Our daughter even squees and runs off with the bowl, munching.

Very yummy, incredibly simple, and they're healthy, too!

*The laptop was still under warranty and it's now sporting a shiny new hard drive, the Mac Geniuses even managed to save my working book files. Yay! It just cost me some time. :)


Jean said...

So very glad you have a happy ending to the laptop story! And hurray for finding ways to enjoy your kale. I would get stony stared out of the house if I brought anything like that home for the hubby to try. :)

C.M.Brown said...

You are very lucky, I think I will just go and back up my files. Thanks for the tip!


Jeremy Bates said...

It sounds like the Mac overheated, which is typical. Just in case, buy an inexpensive laptop fan that operates off one of your usb ports. Mac's have always had a problem with heating up.

Kale? I'm not a big veggie fan but kale chips I do eat. Sadly, they aren't too available here in the Philippines.