23 April, 2012

U is for Underwear

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Hmm. A few days ago I'd mentioned that I had posted about religion, politics, and money, but my S wasn't for sex.

Instead, I shall talk about underwear today, mostly because my husband suggested it, and he probably suggested this particular topic because he thought I wouldn't do it.

Ha ha, babe I am! So there! ;)

Don't anyone ever say I don't have guts. Or a sense of humor. ;)

Anyway, as we all know, underwear covers up our, ahem, naughty bits. Gonads. Genitals. Privates. Uglies. Yee-haws. What have you. It was originally created so that we humans could wear our clothing longer since most people didn't have more than one or two sets of clothing and laundry was a PITA. Don't have to wash the trousers so much if they're not getting skid marks, right? While we still wear undies to help protect our clothing, it's also become a whole category of clothing on its own.

Disclaimer: Some of the following links might not be safe for work. Or your computer screen if you're drinking a beverage. Many of the links are ADULTS ONLY.

Underwear can be sexy, comfortable, lacy, shiny, funny, saggy, tight, uplifting, loose, cheap, expensive, absurd, redundant, or totally absent. You can go for the traditional, or something a bit more modern. Total coverage, or minimal, or somewhere between. Sometimes, people even wear underwear on the outside of their clothes and there's a whole series of children's books dedicated to an underwear super hero!

So there you go. Underwear.

Wait. Don't go in your underwear, take them off first. ;)


Tara Tyler said...

laundry is still a pita! fun post =)

Gina said...

LOL What a fun post! Nicely done.

From Diary of a Writer in Progress

Erin M. Hartshorn said...

I wasn't expecting what I found when I clicked through to the pictures. :) Loved the lace and the "redundant" boxers.


Tammy Jones said...

I'm kind of partial to the Hello Kitty ones myself. ;)

Kat BM said...

the gold ones are just.. wrong. and the green not sure what the hell it's called. ugh. Ok several are just wrong. you had fun finding all of these I bet!