13 April, 2010

The house is always changing

I'm really glad spring is here, and we're at this moment awaiting an electrician who's coming to see about moving and upgrading our breaker box. Bill's been working on the fence today, and there are so many projects to get done around here. Not sure when the painters will start - we're thinking sometime next month - then, once the breakers are moved, it'll be time to start the basement remodel.

We love remodeling and upgrading and making changes to the house. I'm still trying to find a place to put a bathroom on the main floor - we have a huge full bath upstairs and a half bath in the basement but nothing on the main level. Someday, we will be older and have trouble with stairs - and there's always the possibility that one of our parents might need to stay with us, so it'd really be nice to have something accessible.

I'm done sewing for a while, I think, at least at the manic, project-a-week level I've been at for months. Tried to write last night and I got one whole sentence. Which, obviously, isn't going to get a book written any time soon. Something will percolate up, it always does. If not sewing, or writing, then it'll be something else. Maybe I'll get into gardening and have tons of plants outside to play with.

Not likely, since I really dislike gardening - or being outside - but you never know. ;)


Jean said...

Hmm. Bathroom on the main floor? The only place I can think of inside existing walls is that dead end part of the kitchen that drives you so bats. Despite the lovely cabinetry, that's the only place I can think of. There would probably be a way to preserve that cabinetry, though.

Tammy Jones said...

Yeah that's what I'm thinking, and it's not too far from the stack so plumbing shouldn't be a problem.

Since Laura wants to relocate to the basement this year - and there's a lot to be done before she moves down there - maybe a new bathroom will be a good project for next year!

Jean said...

That sounds reasonable. Gives you plenty of time to plan the layout and how you'll make the changes.