29 April, 2010

Oh baby, baby!

The baby quilts and bag have finally arrived across the pond, so I can post pics! Yay!

First up is the batik quilt I made from the fabrics I posted a couple of months ago.

It's a modification of a traditional  54-40 Or Fight! block and is about 45 inches square. All batik. I really like using black as a background with batiks, even for baby quilts, because it really makes the other colors pop.

The other quilt is part of a set with a matching diaper bag. Here's Laura modeling the quilt!

It's a variation of Moda's Baby Life quilt designed by Vanessa Christenson. I made some modifications - mostly using a charm pack and coordinating fat quarters instead of a larger layer cake (sorry if the quilting terms mystify some folks) - but I think it turned out super cute! It's about 40x42 inches.

And the diaper bag - 

It, like the quilt above, is made from Moda's Love U fabric line by Deb Strain and the lining of the bag (the yellow/green/red print inside and behind the side pocket) is also on the back of the quilt. The bag is a modification of AllPeopleQuilt.com's Large Patchwork Bag. I changed quite a lot in the pattern - made gobs of expandable exterior pockets with elastic, changed the straps, the inside pockets, the piecing on the outside - but the bones are the same. 

Mommy, Daddy, and Baby are all apparently pleased with the quilts and bag, which is awesome. I hope they get used, abused, and utilized through several children. 

Congrats again, Catie and Ted (and Henry)!  {{huggs}}


Anonymous said...

I was feeling deeply brain damaged until I read Catie's post today. What a way to keep a secret! Your good are beautiful!

Tammy Jones said...

Yeah, she didn't want anyone to know. I'm so, so thankful that she told me last fall so I had time to plan and sew! Isn't Henry CUTE?

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable! I love babies but am glad my baby making days are behind me. I'm nearly an empty nester and looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

That is SO awesome, Tammy!

Maripat said...

Simply lovely.

Catie said...