22 April, 2010

Words. And such.

Been writing this week on the semi-secret project, and it seems to be going well. Stain of Corruption is super-stalled - again - and I'm pretty sure I know why. Now I just need to figure out how to fix it. Maybe a whole new POV scope or something. Not sure yet. I still believe that the premise is sound, there's just a major problem in execution and layering. So, back to the drawing board on that. But the other project is going well, approaching the 1/3 point and my main character is literally caught in a storm with nowhere to go. So that's fun.

How are your projects coming along? 

Is everyone enjoying this lovely weather? Bill's been doing some landscaping, specifically putting in limestone blocks/rocks/whatever they're called as a retaining wall where our back yard dips. Isn't it pretty? We're hoping that next year - but more likely the year after - we can build a gazebo in the lower part and maybe a pond, kinda within the 'curve' of the limestone wall. Still waiting for the painters to start, and the electrician. I really want to get this done so we can move on to other projects.

I'm also including a pic of 'the boys' Gozer and Stewie, on top of their doghouse. Bill built a deck on it so they can see over their fence and they spend a lot of time up there watching the neighborhood. Sorry they're out of focus, but when I step closer they jump down and it's just about impossible to get a good pic of either one close up.

Here's hoping you all have a great day! Don't forget to spend some time outside enjoying it! {{huggs}}


Anonymous said...

Glad the writing is at least going again.

As far as projects in and outside of the house, I think I'm a little jealous of your 'retaining wall'. I have a 3-4 high and 10 foot long retaining wall to replace at my kinda newly purchased house. Not sure it's getting done this year either.

Tammy Jones said...

Yeah, I totally understand. We've lived here two years and, finally, we're able to afford to get some projects done. Extra money always seems to go to 'more pressing issues' (like cat food lol)

If you don't get your retaining wall in this year, then maybe next year. You'll get there.

Krista said...

Yay for the semi-secret project that is cooperating!

Love the pic of the dogs, even if they are out of focus. It made me smile.

Tammy Jones said...

Thanks, Krista! {{huggs}}