05 July, 2012

Augmented Unison

I'm back again with a new post in the Random Blogging Challenge, each entry prompted by a random topic generator my friend Jean suggested. (Jean's blogging all month too, so check her out!)

Today the Random Topic Generator said I should write about Augmented Unison. I have to admit when I saw that suggestion I thought WTF?? Is that even a real thing?? It seemed like the generator randomly smooshed two words together.

Nope. It's a real thing. A musical thing.

I haven't taken music as an academic pursuit since I was a freshman in High School so please forgive me if I screw this up. From what I've read this morning, an Augmented Unison is a harmony interval where it widens (goes up) one half step from perfect unison. It's also called a Halftone. I think.

I found a pretty cool video that explains intervals. The information about Augments starts right at 3:00

I hope this makes sense and helps folks think a bit more about music. I know I learned something today. :)


Jean said...

Fascinating. You're doing a great job with this random generator. I added a plug for you on Saturday's post. (I would have done it sooner but I was iPad only for a few days this week, and that's a bit of a hassle to do or edit blog posts on it.)

Maripat said...

LOL...I thought it was a made word, too. Thanks for the insight!