04 July, 2012

Dark, Creepy Closets

I'm back again with a new post in the Random Blogging Challenge, each entry prompted by a random topic generator my friend Jean suggested. (Jean's blogging all month too, so check her out!)

Today's topic is Checking The Closets Before Bed.

A lot of kids fear the creepy darkness in their closets, and some adults too, I'm sure. Is it the darkness itself? The inability to see? The potential for eeeeevil? Or merely an imagination in overdrive from some earlier stimulus like a scary movie or fighting parents?

I honestly don't know, but I can admit I'm a frequent flyer of Nightmare Airlines and I always have a light on, somewhere, so that I can see at night.

Does anyone else still do that, or worry about what's lurking in their dark, creepy closet?


Jean said...

My sister was convinced there was a giraffe in our closet that was going to get her when we were kids.

She had one of those Playskool wooden giraffe riding toys, and that's where I think the source came from.

We've since realized that our mom loves giraffes. Hmmmm. A horror writer could have a heyday with that, I think.

Kat BM said...

only the 2 closets I didn't get to for garage sale stuff... there is still boxes from when we moved into this house unpacked... now that scary!

Virginia G said...

I like the idea for current wip but reality is that the only thing scary about my closet is the need to clean and de-clutter.