17 February, 2010

House for sale

There's a house in another little town that's, well, CHEAP. How cheap? $6,000 cheap. Yes, Six. Thousand. Dollars. No mortgage kinda cheap. Dirt freaking cheap. Laura - who spends most evenings watching House Hunters and Property Virgins and My First Place - is just about to quiver out of her skin.

Bill has tons of experience in remodeling fixer-upper houses, especially crap-tastic ones - our previous house, where we happily lived for 12 years, was just about a tearer-downer when we bought it. If the roof's not caving in, the plumbing and foundation are decent... she might just be buying a house. Maybe. I'll know more after she discusses the deal with her dad and after (if) they go look at it with Amy, our Realtor.


Krista said...

I know it's a buyer's market, but wow. Wow! That's not even a decent, used-car payment!

EJ said...

Is she through college already? Wow, I know they grow up fast, but I thought it was just my kids that did it that fast!

Tammy Jones said...

Talked to our Realtor this morning and the house already has an offer. So, no cheap house for Laura this time! :(

"And so our stories go..." said...

$6K wow. Oh, too bad it's gone :-(
Maybe there will be another one.