01 February, 2010

2-for-1 medical special!

My mom had cataract surgery this morning. The whole procedure was totally uneventful, other than Kelly and me flipping her crap while we sat around waiting, mostly because it's really fun to flip Mom crap. She calls it 'giving her a measure of shit' and I particularly liked the part about how her new clear eye patch they taped onto her face to keep her from rubbing her eye is the Mom equivalent of a cone around a dog's neck so they won't lick their stitches. So, Mom, do NOT lick your stitches!

Edna had her breathing tube removed this morning and I went there after Mom was done and heading home with Kelly. The tube removal was not a success because her throat is so enflamed and bruised that it kept closing up. So, tomorrow, they're putting in a trachea tube. They'd drained some fluid off her lung Friday and she looks LOADS better, thank goodness. I got to chat a bit with her locally-living boys Chuck and Clark, and daughter Becky who is up visiting from Texas. Was nice to see them. Edna held and squeezed my hand the whole time I was there. I got a hug. Was a nice visit, even tho it was in ICU.

Being Monday in one of the most problematic winters in recent memory (one where every Monday seems to bring an ice storm or blizzard), of course I was in Des Moines, a hundred miles from home just as another winter storm decided to hit. Was supposed to be flurries, and, at first, it was, but by the time I crossed Hwy 30, heading north, it had turned icky. And was icky all the rest of the way home. I drove from just past Hwy 30 to Hwy 20 - about 28 miles - right behind a plow/sand/salt/spray truck, and I was happy to stay there. Visibility is awful, but it's not slick at all behind one of those. I just wish he could have moved a smidge faster, I really wanted to get home before dark. Slow road-conditions truck and all, I made home safely, with about 45 min to spare! Wooohoo!!

Now, tho, I'm off to nap with my sweetie! Hope y'all are staying warm and safe! {{huggs}}

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EJ said...

Good news on all fronts, then. I'm glad to hear it.