29 January, 2010

Edna II

Bill woke up bright and early this morning (by which I mean about 3:30 am with me groaning and hiding my dead under the pillow) and he wanted to make a day trip to Des Moines. I convinced him to wait until real morning, as with daylight and everything, and we went. We saw his dad, visited a friend, delivered some papers to my sister, had lunch at the BEST chinese restaurant in Des Moines, and even hit Half Price Books.

And we visited Aunt Edna in the hospital.

When I was there last Friday, they'd taken out her breathing tube, she was apparently doing well - but a bit loopy from the pain meds - and they were going to move her from cardiac ICU into a private room. That lasted all of a couple of hours before they realized she wasn't getting enough air. So the breathing tube went back in and she returned to CICU. The difference over this past week was... distressing.

My mom's having cataract surgery early next week and I wasn't planning on being there - my sister, Kelly, WILL be there and she and Mom have repeatedly assured me that I did not need to drive all the way there just to sit in a waiting room for a routine procedure - but I think I'll go. And check up on Edna again. Hopefully the weather will be decent.


Jean said...

Hoping and praying all turns for the better for Edna -- and that your mom's surgery goes well. And you have a safe trip.

Maripat said...

I'm so sorry. I'm hoping and praying things get better. Have strength, Tammy. Hugs to you all.