12 January, 2010


In quilt-speak, that's UnFinished Objects.

Our Vice President, Vicki, gave us a challenge for the year - to FINISH all of our UFOs. I have a LOT. Many are completed quilt tops,  a couple of big, bed-quilt sized ones, but most are smallish wall-hanging/baby quilt size. I have a couple of paper-pieced things I intended to frame - but never got around to. I have some table runners. I have I dunno how many projects that are still just blocks, or partially pieced, or merely cut, or half-appliqued. We're supposed to turn in a list of our UFO's at the next meeting along with 2 fat-quarters*. My list is gonna be scary. lol

The challenge is to see who can totally finish the most number of current UFOs this year. The winner will win ALL of the fat-quarters - with about 80 members and 2 fat-quarters each, that's 160 of them (but probably 1/3 of the members won't even participate). Still, that's a hundred or so fat-quarters. Definitely an incentive. lol

*A fat quarter is a piece of fabric 18x22". It's cut from a half-yard piece off the bolt that's unfolded and cut in half crosswise. I LOVE fat quarters! lol


Krista said...

Once upon a time, I thought I'd like to make a quilt. I bought all the fabric. Cut it out. And...that's it. That's as far as I got and, now that my mom is moving to California, it's likely as far as I'll ever get.

Good luck on your UFOs!

Tammy Jones said...

Thanks, Krista!!

You still should try to put those pieces together. ;)