21 January, 2010

Fabric and chili and gamers, oh my!

We went to Tanya's quilt shop for lunch today (she has the bestest sammiches and soup) and she has a LOT of new fabric, which is quite exciting for me. I especially like the bluey-teal ones and the sunny-yellow/cherry-red ones. She's having a 10% off sale next weekend so she informed me that I needed to come back THEN and not buy TODAY. Which is whacked, but it's why I love shopping at Tanya's quilt shop. It gives me a whole week to contemplate projects tho! Woohoo!

Bill saw some I-don't-remember-what-exactly that had mac and cheese with chili on top (commercial, TV show, movie, I honestly don't remember), and he thought that sounded very yummy, so, tonight I made chili for supper - currently in the crock pot - and I'll make homemade mac and cheese tomorrow so he can try the concoction. One of the reasons I went with the chili tonight is because Bill has finally found some gamers up here in the great white north of rural Iowa and we'll have extra people to help us eat the big ol' pot o' chili. And I, apparently, cannot make a 'little bit' of chili.

The 'finally finding gamers' part is a bit misleading. He's been with a group for almost a year now, but it's a huge group and they've been together forever and he feels like a fifth wheel. He's just not happy. But he's found two other guys without groups (hereafter known as J and E) and they're coming over tonight to make characters, get acquainted, and whatnot. And, hopefully eat lots of chili.

To round out the group, I must also play. Not sure yet how I feel about that - I haven't played any kind of role playing game for more than a decade - but it'll be good for me to be social. Right?

Here's hoping it all works out well and isn't as frustrating as it used to be. A lot depends on the guys' personalities. As long as no one's a sexist prig, I think I'll be okay. :)

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Krista Heiser said...

Good for Bill! And hopefully it'll be good for you, too. I'm sure the guys will be great.