20 January, 2010

Beagle stuff. And more pet stuff. And, well... Stuff.

We have a Beagle - his name's Stewie - and he's generally a very sweet-natured PITA. He has, somehow, found a way out of the yard that leaves our Labrador (Gozer) stranded inside the fence. Stewie escaped yet again last night (escapes are fairly common for Stewie) and took off when I called him (as usual, hence the PITA part), so frustrated Tam went on to bed thinking it might do his 'ha-ha I'm FREE and you can't catch me!' pain in the butt attitude some good to spend the night out in the cold instead of asleep on a nice, warm couch. Gozer, of course, was quite worried and wouldn't settle down as he frantically searched the house for his missing Stewie.

PITA Stewie finally decided to come back at nearly 4am and Gozer went nuts until I dragged my sleepy self downstairs to the sub-freezing porch to call the !(@*$&% beagle to come when he really didn't want to (I'm FREE and you can't catch me! - damn beagles) but the desire to get warm finally won out over freedom. And he came in. And I still had to get to sleep so I could get up in two hours. Because the car had its service appointment. In the morning. A hundred miles away. After I'd had virtually no sleep.

At least Bill drove. ;)

The car's all fixed - ended up being the wheel bearing, which the collision center said it was, but their service department said it wasn't, but the Toyota folks replaced, and now, after two trips to Des Moines, the Prius is all silent and stealthy again. Watch out, raccoons! We're 2-0. I still think we need to get little bumper stickers of raccoons with red slashes across their faces or something, sorta like kills the flying aces put on their fighter planes.

Puufy - my cat - is incredibly fastidious and never gets mats in his long, fluffy fur, but this week he's had two on his throat where he can't reach very well. And he hasn't been exactly cooperative in letting me cut them out before they can get bigger. But we've managed, and now he's ignoring me.

I'm trying to cut back on carby things - like pasta and bread, which we all know is waaaaaay yummy. And it's hard. But tonight we had pan-seared chicken breasts with sauteed peppers, mushrooms and onions. Just about carb free. And, after Bill went to work, I topped it off with some ice cream. :headsmack:  Tasted super good though.

I really need a new sewing project but nothing's speaking to me. Probably because my brain knows I should be writing instead. Or maybe I'm just sleepy.

A friend and I have decided to make some healthy changes to our lives, starting with making a vow to exercise every single day. Which I haven't done yet. So I must. Like now. Before I put it off any longer.


Maripat said...

I'm noticing a trend with Beatles. Seriously, what is with them? Hugs on your sleepness night.

Jean said...

I did my 15 minutes of Loving Movement.

Stewie, Stewie, Stewie. He is beagle through and through.

Glad to hear the Prius is back on raccoon patrol. Those guys get BIG. Be careful out there. One ran in front of the car in WI, and I swear it was the size of a medium sized dog.

Tammy Jones said...

I did my fifteen minutes too, Jean. Put on the iPod and danced around the house until my kitchen timer went off.

The coon I hit was bigger than Stewie. Just huge. The one Bill hit was bigger still. They can't hear the car coming since it's so silent, and driving 57mph on a country road, at night... it's gonna happen. I feel bad they get killed, but I wish they weren't so hard. Twice now we've had to repair the car.