19 January, 2010

Back to Des Moines

Bill and I are back to Des Moines in the morning because of the car. It's making a weird, somewhat loud Whoom-Whoom noise in the front end - we thought it was the wheel well or wheel bearing that wasn't repaired right after the collision, but, apparently it's neither of those things. Toyota is running a full diagnostic something or another in the morning and will - hopefully - determine if the noise is collision related (covered by insurance) or drive-train related (covered by warranty). My luck, tho, it'll be our fault because we didn't give appropriate sacrifice to the transmission gods or something.

I cannot afford to repair the bleepty-bleep car right now. Don't get me wrong, I really do love our Prius, but I'm not so in love with our bank balance. Here's hoping whatever's wrong is covered and won't cost us anything at all.

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Jean said...

I can't imagine it not being covered by one of the two scenarios you mentioned. I hope they're able to find and fix the problem.