24 January, 2010

Wii little problem

 Laura has a Playstation something or another, a Nintendo cube thingy, various hand held systems, her own computer, and so forth and so on. Bill plays tons of games on his PC. Me? I have my Macs and my Wii. It's even named Tammy's Wii. I have a few games, but mostly I got it to shoot zombies (it's a real stress reliever to blow the brainz out of undead), play WiiFit and, after Jeans recommendation, Wii Sports Active. Only problem is, no one locally seems to have a Wii Sports Active.

Today, Laura and I were out running essential errands, getting things like dog food and milk and such, and I decided to once again search for a Sports Active. Not in stock at Target or Game Stop, but maybe WalMart? Only thing is I really HATE our local WalMart. It's crowded, dirty, loud, and crammed full of people who looked like they ought to have been in Deliverance and who prefer to bark or glare at me than let me pass down an aisle. I know that all WalMarts have such types of patrons, but when we lived in the county outside of Des Moines and did most of our shopping in Ankeny, well... there really weren't many scary people at all. It's one of the big bennies for shopping in the middle class burbs/bedroom towns, apparently: Not so many scary people.

So. Anyway. Laura (who is young, quick, and has a very terrifying glare) gamely agreed to run in to check if the game was there while I tooled around the parking lot.  She came back, excited, because not only was it in stock, it was on sale. So, debit card in hand, back she went, only to come out with the Sports Active: More Workouts. Which is pretty much useless without the actual Sports Active. :headsmack:

I know I can just buy the dang thing online from Amazon or a hundred other retailers. I know, okay? But I try really, really hard to buy things locally, even if I have to go through a big-box retailer like Walmart and Target. I just feel like every penny I spend here keeps jobs here, products here, businesses here. Our local economy is in the shitter, there aren't all that many businesses around, and every little bit helps. Looks like I'm running out of options, though, for this one silly game. Dammit.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you see if somewhere local can order it for you. I've done that with local book stores when I wanted a book. And WalMart and I think Target both have ship to store options. I'm not sure if that counts as keeping your money local.

I feel the same who though - I always try to keep my money local. Except when I shopped on QVC. And I've nearly conquered that addiction! Yeah me!

Back to my college math course. It's idiot math so right now I''m feeling kind of smart cause I can add and subtract. Go me!

Tammy Jones said...

Go Tina!!

(I have a scientific calculator you can borrow, if you need it ;) )

Jean said...

Well, the Sports Active is pretty intense, so while you're looking, make sure you warming up and getting back in practice with Wii Fit.

That Sports Active is out to kill me. I've been hobbling on my knees for two weeks now (it all started when I did a free session of aerobics on the Wii Fit, then I actually tried to do the squats on the Sports Active. I know better. I really do.)

I can do the lunges, but for some reason, my form must be off, because about half the time the Sports Active won't recognize my movement. It can be annoying but for different reasons that the Wii Fit. Sigh.

My video, Heavyweight Yoga 2 came this week, and I need to give it a try. It comes highly recommended, and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

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