12 January, 2010

So. Like, today...

Yesterday I sat on my butt getting this blog tweaked and writing two rather long posts. Today, I have to play catch up.

My fun filled and exciting list is below the cut ;)

Grocery store for boring-but-essential things like bar soap and dog biscuits
Laundry that I didn't do over the weekend because, well, I was messing with the computer
Figure out something for supper
Cut up and freeze a bunch of turkey leftover from the other night
Balance the checkbook
Gather the gumption to go to the quilt guild meeting
Actually GO to the quilt guild meeting
Cook supper
Count, document, and process all financial transactions from the quilt guild meeting
Get the back and batting on the table runner I'm sewing
Pack up Sue's bag for mailing
Work on ~M~
Exercise. Somehow.
Get to bed before 4am for a change.

I think it's mostly doable. If I can stay off the puter. ;)

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