27 January, 2010

Wii Active

I bought it today and I started the 30 day challenge this afternoon. Very tiring. I was sweating by the end, but I think it'll be good. Bill and I have decided to buy a second set of leg-holsters and resistance bands so that we can exercise together.

Woot! :)


Maripat said...

You know, you inspire me to find my EA active. I have it I just haven't opened it. I know how it sounds. It's horrible to admit.

Anonymous said...

Woo hooo! You inspire me too!

Tammy Jones said...

Just be warned, it's HARD, even on the 'I'm a fat lazy slug so take it easy on me' level. But it is fun. :)

Jean said...

Yes, it is a work out. If you have any health problems, don't let it bully you into doing more than you should.

I try to uncheck the things that simply will not work with my bad knees before I get started, but I had to look up how to skip an exercise (the +), because some just don't work with my body.

Also, it tells me to run faster a lot, that's not going to work with these knees either, but I've learned it isn't so much about speed, it's about how you're moving your legs, so I may have some form problems.

But, hey, if we all start using our EA Active, that would be a good thing, right?

I've made my fitness logs available on my SparkPeople blog page if anyone wants to join me there -- Magellan60 is my username.

Tammy Jones said...

Thanks for the tips, Jean!

I didn't have any pain problems at all, just fatigue and muscles that didn't want to do another knee lift. Dunno when I'll be bale to do it today, I haven't yet had a chance and we have people coming over this afternoon into the evening.