23 January, 2010

Bungalow. Craftsman bungalow. ;)

The current Book-In-Progress is centered around a house, a craftsman bungalow to be precise, mostly because there are a LOT of them in small towns in the midwest. Tonight's mission was to research more specifics on their floorplans and layouts and things, so I spent a nice part of my evening looking through old 1915-1922 house catalogs online.

A couple that I liked are after the cut, and you can click on the pics to get a bigger view. :)

Notice the prices. That's not for the full blueprints, that's for all of the materials for the whole HOUSE. Pretty cool. :)

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shadowkindrd said...

You can still do this, you know...


And so on. I just googled house kits. Another good keyword is prefab house, although you might run into trailer/mobile homes with that keyword. All sorts of interesting things out there.