13 January, 2010


Every winter, the callouses on my heels crack, and I hates them muchly. Usually, I just make a point to keep my feet in shoes and wait for spring, but this year I Took Action. As in, I went out and bought heel cream and a heel file and went to work.

After two days of attention, they're all soft and secksay - and the Burt's Bees goop smells heavenly - but now my feet hurt and my knees hurt and it bugs me. How can sanding buffing off a bit of dry, ucky skin put all that stuff out out alignment?

Grr. Getting old sucks!


Jean said...

It's probably the stretching and twisting of your leg so you could reach your heel that got everything all upset. Hopefully, it will calm down in a day or so, and you'll just be happy with your heels.

I did that about two years ago -- wasn't hard, and I only have to do an occasional touch up once or twice a year to keep them that way.

Tammy Jones said...

I hope that's all it is, Jean. The knees and feet feel better today, but I've been trying to be extra super easy on them. Still liking the whole smooth-heel thing, tho. ;)