10 February, 2010

Nothing's certain but snow and taxes

I did our taxes last week and helped Laura do hers today, so that's done for another year. The state seems to think we need to pay them more money, the bastuds!

Iowa currently has an average state-wide seasonal snowfall of 40 inches. I think we're a bit higher here in the north, around 50-55 inches. We have about 30 on the ground right now, give or take, and that's including a lot that's been packed down by time - snow settles - and occasional ice/sleet/drizzle. More snow's forecasted for later this week! I am VERY concerned about flooding this spring. Not for us so much, since we're on high ground and all, the worst we'll likely see is a little random basement seepage. But south of us, especially in the lower Des Moines area and other points along the Des Moines river (and further south yet into Missouri, Arkansas, etc) it might get REALLY bad. I wonder why no one's talking about spring run-off and flooding yet. This winter might make '93 and '07 look like kiddie parties.


Maripat said...

My state insists I need to be paying them every three months. Where's the love there?

Tammy Jones said...

I don't know! Seems totally unfair to me. {{huggs}}

Jean said...

I have to pay the Feds every three months. Thankfully, my state only charges me when I buy something and for owning property.

That's a scary point on the spring run-off. Maybe, with global warming, there won't be a spring runoff? Ha! Yes, it's going to get ugly in a month or two.

Kat BM said...

funny you bring up flooding, that's all I am hearing about down here on local stations and even my NPR... so people are aware.... Cedar Rapids is already talking about hunkering down per NPR for this spring/early summer