08 February, 2010

Let's Bowl!

On the Wii, anyway.

Laura wanted Wii Resort for her birthday and she and Bill have been one-upping each other even since. Sword fighting. Frisbee throwing (complete with cute digital dogs). Water skiing. Archery. And Hundred-Pin Bowling. Bill's on top, then Laura is. Then there's much trash talking and tongue-sticking-out as they vie for top spot. Again.

Last night, Laura was obliterating her dad's high score practicing hundred pin bowling. I asked if I could give it a shot, so we played against each other.  I won, just by three pins, but it was enough to smack them both down, dangit! It helped, of course, that I was new and the game wasn't making itself tougher yet. But, still.

Kicking their bowling butts by whipping my arm around made me mess up my shoulder. It feels much better tonight but is still achy. And, as an added bonus, I have a numb spot on the tip of my thumb (with a lesser one on my index fingertip) which, apparently, is a common set of 'video gamer injuries'. Bill says I need to develop a better callus on my button hand. I'd rather have full-feeling in my fingertips, thanks anyway.

Bill and Laura have since removed me from the high score list, dang them! But for one shining moment, I was the best bowler in the house. ;)

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Kat BM said...

I remember that brief shinning apex as a kid.. beating my brother's high in pac-man on the atari. nope, didn't last long, but I put it in writing in my diary, and it always bothered him there was a record of it!! hehehehehe