01 February, 2012

February Challenge - Day 1

I hope you're following along with Jean this month (and maybe Monica), and my whole list of this month's topics is here.

February starts and stops with a self portrait.

I took this picture yesterday, at my desk. After deciding I didn't like my double chin in the first handful of pics I took, I leaned back in my chair and shot the photo downward. It's amazing how much younger I look - certainly not almost 48. ;)

Yep, my eyes really are that color.

Shit. I could pass for thirty. ;) And no one can tell I only managed about 5 hours of sleep each of the past three or four nights. lol


Monica Jackson said...

Yep, that's the angle I like too.

Twenty-nine is a great age. Let's stay there, all right?

Tammy Jones said...

I don't know if I can. That would have made me seven when Laura was born, and that's just oogy. ;)