04 February, 2012

February Challenge - Day 4

I hope you're following along with Jean this month (and maybe Monica), and my whole list of this month's topics is here.

Today it's all about being green!

I have green things everywhere. I have a green mixing bowl. My coupon organizer is green. The rug under my desk is green. My swiffer mop. Abbie's eyes. Broccoli. (mmmm. Broccoli!!)

But, as I was cutting fabric today for my next big quilt, I thought, hmm... This is green!
Ain't it purty?
It's one fabric of the 152 - so far - that I've collected and cut to go into a bed sized quilt. I might add more, maybe. Not sure. I'll have to see how it looks first. If it needs more, I'll add more. But 152 fabrics sounds pretty good to me. Even if some are green. ;)

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