10 February, 2012

February Challenge - Day 10

I hope you're following along with Jean this month (and maybe Monica - c'mon, Monica!!  ;) ), and my whole list of this month's topics is here.

This entry is about a childhood memory.

There were three of us kids in my family (and, yes, that's how we said it 'three of us kids') Oldest to youngest, it's me, my brother David, and our sister Kelly. We lived next door to our great grandmother and we were over there a LOT. Like almost constantly.

We also had three cousins (Joe,  Jack, and Jim), all brothers who were roughly the same ages as us three, and they, too, would often visit Grandma. Her yard was huge, about an acre, and she had lots of flower beds and fruit trees. We'd eat buckets of mulberries over the course of a summer and, many, many times, we'd have crab apple fights.

Photo from CabbageTreeFarm
Joe and Dave usually were on one team, Jack and me on the other, and the little kids (Kelly and Jimmy), if we let them get involved (or, more accurately, if Grandma didn't make them stay in the house and out of firing range), mostly had to run out into the battle zone and gather more apples to refil our firing buckets.

Hey, I never said we were nice. ;)

Anyway, there we'd be, ducked behind the banks of peony bushes, pelting the living shit out of each other with nearly-as-hard-as-rocks crab apples.

:) Painful, but really fun.

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Monica Jackson said...

Gurl, I sux at photography! So, I'm not doing the challenge.

Come to think about it, I sux at challenges too.

I'm good at the funny, sometimes, tho'