02 February, 2012

February Challenge - Day 2

I hope you're following along with Jean this month (and maybe Monica), and my whole list of this month's topics is here.

So, what did I wear today? Or, rather, what did I wear today that I was willing to photograph?

A matching (well, almost) scrunchie!

They're not *quite* the same red,
but it's as close to matching as I'm gonna get. ;)
Since I tend to wear my hair in a ponytail, I keep a little basket of scrunchies on my desk. There used to be lots and lots of colors since my mother would buy me a rainbow pack almost every Christmas. She has neglected to  fulfill her scrunchie duties for a couple of years and my stash has somehow whittled down to gray, green, red, and a weird purple. Plus I have a yellow one. Somewhere. Oh, yeah, it's in my purse! lol  Anyway, since I don't like gray or green, I rarely wear those unless I've left the red or purple one someplace else. Today, though, I wore a red shirt and, lo and behold, the red scrunchie was in the basket like it's supposed to be so I am mostly coordinated for a change!

Pretty exciting life I lead, I tell ya. ;)


Jean said...

Moving has been all-consuming, so I won't get started for at least another week.

Hi, Monica! Long time no see, but you've been in my thoughts. (waves)

Tammy Jones said...

How's it going up there? {{huggs}}

Lee Lofland said...

Maybe not too exciting...but, at least you have hair. Me, not so much these days.

But, you know, living a scrunchie-free life isn't so bad.