17 January, 2012

January Challenge Day 17

I hope you're following along with TinaJeanKrista, and Kat. If anyone else wants to play, just let me know and I'll stick you on the 30 Day Challenge blog roll. :) My list (with links to each post so far) is here.

I'm supposed to pick someone I want to switch lives with for one day.

Excuse me, but WTF??

Bill has suggested:

Daniel Boone, because he was a man. A big, big man. But a bear was bigger.

Mary Todd Lincoln, because no one else would think of her.

Wilma Flinstone, because you've always wanted a baby mammoth for a dishwasher. (This is true. Baby mammoths are soooo cute! ;)

Judy Jetson, because she's not afraid of living half a mile in the air.

He's such a great help, isn't he?

I can barely manage my wackydoodle life, how can I possibly drop into someone else's, even for a day?!?

After about 10 minutes of deliberation, I have chosen Anne Lamott. She's sweet, funny, wise, hyper-creative and, unlike me, seems to have her shit together!

Go Anne! ;)


Jean said...

Bill has some wonderful suggestions. I have the modern version of baby mammoth for dishwasher -- cats. I still prefer the "sterilization" of a mechanical dishwasher.

Maripat said...

I like all of his suggestions, though I see your point of who you picked. Thanks for sharing so much.