02 January, 2012

January Posting Challenge - Day 2

Today's it's all about the Meaning Behind My Blog Name

It's all Bill's fault. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It started during that sweet, short time we were dating, back in the fall of 1988. We were already engaged, and one evening he started singing a version of this song to me. (You don't have to listen to the whole thing. 10 seconds ought to do it)

Yep. Froggy Went A Courtin'. Only when Bill sang it - and I'm pretty sure he sang the whole song - it became Billy Went A Courtin' and he found.... Tambo!

I've been Tambo ever since. I dropped the capitalization (under most instances) when I joined the internet in, oh, 1993? 1994? Thereabouts, anyway. I've always used tambo in my email addys, chat handles, and so on, and when I had tamboblog* back on my TSJ website. Here, though, the title just looked better to have it capitalized, and I write, so... TamboWrites. I also have TamboCreates (for my sewing and other things) and TamboCooks (for the recipes).

See? Much simpler and shorter than yesterday. lol

Two days, two blog posts. 28 more to go! :)

*I wanted to name this blog tamboblog but that was already taken. Dammit.

Follow along the 30 days challenge with my friend Tina at her blog, too!


Jean said...

I'll be playing here: http://jeanschara.com/ I'm not comfortable with this. First post will go up Jan 4.

Tammy Jones said...

Cool. I've made a link, if you'd like me to remove it, I will. :)

It's actually been rather fun - so far at least - doing this challenge. :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story Tammy! I've always wondered where Tambo came from.

Jean said...

No problem on the link.

I put Tina's and your links in my top level post. If it works right, that post will be the top post, and readers will be able to click on links in the page to get to each day's post.