18 January, 2012

January Challenge - Day 18

I hope you're following along with TinaJeanKrista, and Kat. If anyone else wants to play, just let me know and I'll stick you on the 30 Day Challenge blog roll. :) My list (with links to each post so far) is here.

The list says I'm supposed to talk about my plans, dreams and goals. 

Frankly, that seems kind of vague. I plan on heading to bed soon - but surely that doesn't count, nor does my intention to crock-pot pork and potatoes tomorrow, fold two loads of laundry (currently in the washer and dryer) also tomorrow, or finishing my current quilt top this week. Surely those aren't worthy. So... Something bigger?


How about I break them up into short term (within the next month or so), medium (this year), and long term goals (five years) and make them bigger, brighter, and - mostly - writing related?

Short term, let's start with finishing this crazy blog challenge - I think I've done astoundingly well so far and haven't missed a day. In a way that's not quite true - I actually write these things the evening before (it's currently 9:45 pm on Tuesday Jan 17th) and a couple of posts I knew would be hard to squeeze into my wackydoodle schedule, so I wrote them a couple of days earlier, but, still. I've blogged every day and I shall continue to do so for the remainder of the month and, possibly, February (I'm considering another posting challenge, but I haven't committed yet).

I also have a plan in motion to read at least one book a week for the remainder of January (this actually started on January 4th) and I intend to finish at least 6. I've read two - one was a real slog, the second went quickly and I'm almost done with the third). These books and the reading of them was suggested by my agent. Not the specific books, but their audience, since (as you'll see in a subsequent goal) I'm trying to reach that audience. I'd better learn what they want to read, don't you think?

My current medium term goals start with talking with my agent about what I've gleaned from these books, how I can add these grains of insight and understanding to my novels and, once I've decided exactly what these things are - so far, the books I've read have not been very, um, complementary to one another - come up with some story concepts and short pitches. My agent will mull over them and let me know if any are worth pursuing, of if I need to read another pile of dissimilar books (so far, it's been an edgy, best-selling thriller -meh-, a sweetly romantic post world war two fictional memoir -loved it despite thinking it would suck balls-, and a family tragedy crammed full of snotty rich women and partying teenagers -meh, with candy sprinkles. Seriously. I see little connection between them.) I have two more books waiting, and another to pick up at the bookstore, so, with a little luck and diligent poking with my authorial tweezers, I should be able to find the common thread that makes women go gaga for these books. Yep, each and every one, despite being insanely different in genre, scope, length, style, and cover art, is selling briskly to women. And, dammit, I'm trying to break into women's fiction but having a helluva time cracking that particular nut.

Anyway, my notes and pitches are due in February. 

Also, once I've finished all this reading, I intend to get back into the swing of things on Stain. I am just about positive that when it's finished and polished and show-room ready, it will be self published and available through gobs of online retailers. Haven't decided yet how I'll handle print editions. Have to get it written and soon, at least the first draft, so Sammie can yank all the floppy bits into line and I have time to finish up any remaining tweaks. 

Also, M will sell. Dammit. It's a heckuva good book. I believe in it, my agent believes in it, and just about everyone who's read it has believed in it. It will sell in 2012. 

I have a quilt retreat to go to, and lots of sewing to do.

Finish paying off the two credit cards. (Will be done this spring! Yay!)

Get back into the habit of exercising.

Continue the blogging habit.

Find a comfort level with self promotion and social networking. So far, it's been tough. But I shall find a happy middle ground.

The last mid-term goal is to write a full length novel with a women's audience in mind. At this point, I have zippo idea what it'll be about because my research material has been all over the map. But I shall write one, and it'll totally rock!

Anyway, that'll make two finished novels this year, and that's right on track for where I want to be. :)

Long term is rather hazy and nebulous. I've always said that I wanted to be respected enough as a writer to sing backup with Steve King and Dave Barry and that is still my primary writing goal. Yup, I dream of becoming a do-wop girl. I've been practicing, singing the harmony and backup lyrics on all kinds of songs. I have a good ear and great rhythm (one bonus of being a musician's child) and I'll be ready when the call comes. 

I intend to routinely write at least two (possibly three) novels a year in dissimilar genres.

Those novels will increase their audience share (unlike Dubric's steady decline - boo!) so that my first long-term goal could actually happen in this universe and paradigm. Because I would make a totally kick ass do-wop girl.

I will write a quilting book and break into non fiction. This form may be my third book per year.

We will move out of this small town and buy an acreage near to wherever it is that the posty office sends Bill to work, or near to whatever job he has. Because in-town is making him feel constricted, and he drives too damn far every day. Being a hermit, I can happily live almost anywhere as long as I have Puufy, my laptop and my sewing machine. 

I shall remain delightfully married, with an awesome daughter and equally awesome grandkids.

If we stay here, I shall run for city council again because I believe that decision making should be local, not national, and involvement is said decisions is a good thing. 

I shall get my good-but-creeping-toward-the-borderline bloodwork numbers down and well away from the line by eating better and exercising more, so much so that it's routine and I don't even have to think about it anymore. Pass the spinach, please! :)

One of my novels will hit a bestseller list. Somewhere. And I will allow myself to celebrate. 

Hold me to that last one, willya? I need to learn how to celebrate. 



Jean said...

What's the other meme you're considering? I'm thinking a year's worth of these memes might keep the blog engaged. But the prompts would have to be compelling. I saw today that there's a meme app for the iPad, and I was considering checking it out on a lark.

Kat BM said...

I think I said this b4, but I think you could make M a romance.. serious. I have reasons but I don't want to do spoilers.

Jean said...

The meme apps for iPad/iPhone are atrocious. That's off the table.

Jean said...

Kat, I thought it was a romance? In a horror kind of way, of course. What I love about Tam's work is the multidimensional aspects which helps it appeal to a broad range of readers.

Tammy Jones said...

Big Girl Blue had posted a 30 Day Photo Challenge - http://biggirlblue.blogspot.com/2011/01/30-days-of-pictures.html

I have a camera... Thought maybe it might keep me blogging through February.

Jean said...

So it's more of a pick your own item to photograph and post for 30 days?

Maybe. I'll have to think about it. It would be a good way to keep the posts flowing.

Tammy Jones said...

There's a list - I have no idea where I'll find an african violet!! - but, yeah, post pics, and, I assume, write a smidge about them or whatever. :)

Linda said...

I loved reading your goals, Tammy. Good luck with reaching them. :)