05 January, 2012

January Challenge Day 5 - A Place I've Been To

I hope you're following along with TinaJeanKrista, and Kat. If anyone else wants to play, just let me know and I'll stick you on the 30 Day Challenge blog roll. :) My list (with links to each post so far) is here.

Today I get to talk about a place I've been to.

Four words.

This is the actual venue in Bettendorf, but silly me forgot my camera.
Picture borrowed from http://sewingandstitcheryexpo.blogspot.com/
My friend Deb and I went to Betterndorf last summer to learn quilting from three amazing quilters, Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, and Libby Lehman. It was a three day expo, with lectures and a coursebook and lots of opportunities to shop! I bought too much fabric - especially Ricky's batiks - and had several chances to talk with all three hosts. The highlight for me was a really insightful conversation I had with Libby about selling our creativity (I've adored Libby and her work for YEARS).

Plus, even better, I got to hang out with Deb! Woot!


Jean said...

Those display quilts are gorgeous.

Tina K said...

Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! Making one is on my bucket list! I adore handmade quilts but have yet to manage to do one myself. These pictures are amazing.