09 January, 2012

January Challenge Day 9

I hope you're following along with TinaJeanKrista, and Kat. If anyone else wants to play, just let me know and I'll stick you on the 30 Day Challenge blog roll. :) My list (with links to each post so far) is here.

Today it's about something I'm proud of in the past few days. Like so many other posts in this list it's hard to pick one topic. 

I'm proud of my daughter for being more strong and capable than I'd dared to hope.

I'm proud of my husband getting up before dawn to carry mail when he doesn't know the route or the town they've randomly sent him to, and working 10-12 hour days to get it done despite inclement weather and cramping feet.

I'm proud of my sister for doing all that she does for so many other people.

I'm proud of our friends who've weathered health issues, employment issues, and personal issues, yet remain the wonderful, lovely, determined people they've always been.

I'm even proud of our cat, Echo, for figuring out that she's supposed to only pee outside or in the litter box. Finally.

And I'm proud of myself to face the uncertainty of writing and working to find ways to make it better.

There's a lot to be proud of and, so far, it's been a great year!  {{huggs}}

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Jean said...

Lots of good things to be proud of.