26 January, 2012

January Challenge - Day 26

I hope you're following along with TinaJeanKrista, and Kat. If anyone else wants to play, just let me know and I'll stick you on the 30 Day Challenge blog roll. :) My list (with links to each post so far) is here.

What do I think about my friends?

I love them, every one. 

Some, like LeAnne, I've known for damn near forever - we met in college when we were too young to know any better. Kat BM and Michele I've known almost as long. My life-long friends and I might go months without talking, but we always pick up right where we left off as if we'd seen each other every single day. Some, like Kat F, I've known only a short while but we just kinda click. Most (Sam, Josh, Jean, Monica, Stuart, Catie, Joely, Virginia, Sara, Tanya, Gretchen, and on an on - I wish I could list you all!) I've known somewhere between. I'd do anything for any of them. 

My friends help me with my books, and they help me with my life and all the crazy wackiness that seems to land randomly on my head. Most are online, but I've met quite a lot of them. Heck, I'm having lunch with Jean in a couple of weeks as she drives through Iowa, and she's from Texas. This will be our third get together. I've met friends from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and Australia in person. Also New Hampshire, Kansas, Texas, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Arizona, and lots of other places in the states. 

My friends rock!



Jean said...

Back at 'cha! Very much looking forward to catching up in person.

Linda said...

You rock, too, Tammy. Someday we're going to meet in person.

Kat BM said...

woo hoo!!!! She loves me, she really really loves me!!! sorry, everyone needs a sally fields moment!