01 March, 2010

Brightening things up around here

In case y'all haven't noticed, I decided to go with a custom blogger template instead of the standard blue tic-tac one I was using. I think I like this better. It's perkier, if nothing else. ;)

The book is stalled. Again. And I'm pretty sure I know why. It's getting waaaaaay too personal. That was a huge problem I had writing the Dubric books, the constant pouring of my pain, shame, anger, and history onto the page, it just got awful. I don't want writing to be awful any more, so I'm trying to find a way to make this book not be so flipping autobiographical, even tho it's not - the main character and her problems really aren't anything like me and mine, but her reactions, oh yes, that's me all over the place. So. Anyway. It's still a struggle.

Been sewing quite a lot, actually, this past week or so. I made some strip sets that I cut up for a curved piecing project I have, plus I finished a couple of the UFO's for the guild, and I sewed a purse from scratch. I'm going to write more about those things, and post pics, at my new 'creativity' blog, so come over and see, if you'd like. :) I'll try to get something up, on the sewing projects at least, yet tonight.

I am enjoying Julie and Julia VERY much and it's wonderful to read again. Not sure yet what my next novel purchase will be, especially since the only books for sale in the area are at Target, Walmart, and the grocery store. We'll be heading into Des Moines again in a couple of weeks for a bigger shopping trip so, hopefully, I'll be able to convince Bill to go to Borders or something. We always go to Half Price Books when we're there, but I rarely find anything that clicks with me. Still looking for more suggestions for great books - especially mainstream/lit - if anyone has a good read in mind!

The world here is starting to thaw and things are getting sloppy with slush. It's a messy, messy time of year, but it's lovely to be able to go out into the world with just my denim jacket again and not be all bundled up.

Bill and I both finished the 30-day Wii Sports Active Challenge and I decided to take a couple of days off since I'd be out of town, but Bill upgraded to the 'medium' level this morning. Which about killed him. So he'll be back on the 'I'm a fat lazy slug' level with me again when I get back on the exercise horse tonight.  It's good for me to move around and get my heart rate up, but, damn. It's really messing with my wrists and hands, tho, that constant holding and manipulating the wii-mote, so much so that I went out and bought support gloves. Which Gozer ate three days later. So I'm back to hurting. Again. Ya know, I wrote three huge, long, rambling novels - and tons of other bits, pieces, stories, essays, and words through the years - PLUS made hundreds of quilts without a bit of carpal tunnel trouble, and a freaking wii-mote does me in? WTF?

But spring will come soon and I can walk instead of sweating my butt off in the TV room, which really isn't big enough for being an exercise space anyway. ;)

Lastly, it's National Craft Month and the good folks at CT publishing are putting up a pattern a day. Today's pattern is for a Cupcake Quilt! Which I MUST make. No idea what I'll *do* with a cupcake quilt, but it's too freaking cute not to make. Sorta like cupcakes. ;)

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