19 March, 2010

I really need to figure out Blogger

I spent a good portion of tonight going through some essays I'd written on my awful-angsty problems with writing (same shit, different day in Tam's poor, broken brain) including a few I'd written specifically for this blog.

And what did I find? People have commented weeks, even months after I'd written and posted them. And that's saying a lot since this blog is only a couple of months old. My old blog kept all the comments in one place - which I made my home page - so even if I didn't have a good response, I at least knew what people had to say. Here, I have to notice a new comment has been added and I'm just not good at going through the posts and keeping track of such things.

I apologize for my lack of followup on some of the older posts and I've now set the blog to email me comments. For future reference (and since my site will be going down in three months) I have an email set up at tambowrites AT gmail DOT com.

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Krista Heiser said...

I went into the settings on my blog and told it to e-mail me whenever someone comments. That way I don't have to go looking for the comments. You may want to try the same thing.